Which 30 educational and economic partnerships most empower a billion women to end extreme poverty, and value their children’s sustainability? Fortunately for those caring about sustainability 2020s, we can map this by around partners and alumni of 50 years of servant leadership by fazle abed 1970-2019 together with legacy specifications mapped through his final decade

Viewed from 1970, Increasing life expectancy from 25 years below to average helped gravitate development economics world’s most trusted partnership – hence sustainability last mile service markets

3) last mile health
2) agriculture for village food security

4)non-linear livelihood education
5) timing what platforms partners could facilitate entrepreneurial revolution not not just inclusive community but cooperation in full and meaningful entrepreneurial employment

financial entreprenurial revolution for nation's people history excluded from machine age

Saturday, November 27, 2021

 my father norman macrae was in his 5th decade at the economist when i had the privilege to co-author 1984's 2025 report.com with him. It was our attempt to map how tech would need to be celebrated if the younger half of the world of the 21st century were to be the first sustainability generation

we modeled our hypothesis that a sea change in education would be required -by 2025 we hoped every youth would have their own shills dashboard - teachers, mentors, parent and even technology could recommend experienced each youth needed next as well as match her or his energies with livelihoods

the west's old societies have disappointed us; while technology has continued 100 tmes more decade every decade in line with my father's biographhy of von neumann, education has been neglected- nothing makes this gap more vivid than covid - we didnt have to wait nearly 40 years before schools everywhere asked what can digital modes do and how unequal the world is in linking youth's access to digital

however we have always believed that best for humainty futures are happeng somewhere if we look for them - we advise you to tour www.economistwomen.com since a billion poorwst women have done the most extraordinary networking in advancing sustainability goalslets start from age 3 in a review of which education revolutions to benchmark where

buden has paased a bill which may allocate 400 billion dollars so every american child 3, 4, 5 can go to school - whats interesting is 50 nations have started experimenting with playschools - a movement that went global when fazle abed chosen to priorise this research ahead of any in 2001 opening of brac's sdg university

friends in india have developed a method that almost guarantees litearcy after 30 hours work with a 5 year old, or indeed anyone from 5 up who finds illiteracy a challenge - when we say 30 hours- we mean 90 20 minute sessions onr ooach one learner; the good news is that children proof tseed the method several years ago during their summer vocation; most of the coashing was done by older children - it shouldnt surprise you that literacy for all was developed at inda's lrgest montesorri system - you can find it at www.globaldream.guru

the last 6 weeks of 2021- sees 4 tremendous updates - so please come back /or inded help us update this column-

we refer to just announced at thanksvingvarkeys lates million teacher - a black amercan lady in maryland

www.yidanprize.org december 6 introducing their yeas laureates - regons previously focused on include frica, bangladesh, latin america - this year the regional winner is pratham - early learning continues to be a core focus of yidan

this is followed by qatars bianual laureate

and a mass asembly of n agencies, world economic forum, celebration of learing week at  uae expo - www.rewired2021.com- we have been promised at last 2 digta briefs; sn update on learning pasports- this seeks to digtally translated different countries certification criterai with a particulr focus on preventing refugees to have to start again from scratch; satellite mapping of where schools ae matching maps of where disconnexted schools cluster

one of the goals of playschools is to bridge with kindergarten so there is far less variability when 6 years start school life- ths also gives us an opportunity-

for example 3 curricula that hve been patchy or missing

climate adaptation /and community engagemet for all ages

financial literacy - world class exists o this alfaton from age 6up

context so that preteens love themselves and are informed about health

other experietial learning studies from arts to coding where the earlier youth practce the more likely their skill will be special

both singapore, korea and probably china go a lot further - they requite teachersto be able toexplore artificial intel as a creative framwework for class discussion at each grade

revising all text books by green ans artificial intel

Saturday, November 20, 2021

 welcome to economistlearning.com mediated by diaspora scots -especially those with connections to galsgow university where the era of engines and humans began in the 1760s 

our 1984 future history  2025report.com:

explored the valuation and transformation of education - as the only way sustainability goals could be generated- in other word the only way parents of millennials could help them be the first generation that is not accelerating extinction of our species

our book drew on the first 140 years of the economist mediating 2 goals

end hunger -particularly of mothers and infants- children under 1000 days can be both physically and mentally stunted by lack of nutrition and hydration

end systemic poverty- by which we mean wherever the next child is born sustainability will depend on her community being a thriving place to be- supporting her parents if they cannot cope

big news - from being one of the worst places for poorest 3 to 5 year olds the usa is committing 400 bilion dolars to be a good place - where can it learn from

we have many other questions over the last 40 years by different age groups- help us explore which places - eg singapore have benchmark solutions for all ages and which have unique solutions for particular youth connecting sdgs including microfranchise designs celebrating adult collaboration entrepreneurial livelihoods from community to community- glasgow alumnus fazle abed (about 200 yeers into moral sentiments studies started by adma smith 1758) is the greatest educator we have ever met invitong collaborations at every age - see www.abedmooc.com - we welcome your nominations pf servant leaders who in their own places are as exciting to be an alumni of as fazle abed - 2020s crises eg clamate, health, ever accelerating refugees due to wars show that we need all your nominations chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

who's helping american parents/communities desifn earl learning

 eg bezos family foundation 

Saturday, October 30, 2021

hard times at tal - but one of edutech deepest networks


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Friday, October 8, 2021

every country needs to analyse the continuity of its youth development system age 0 t starting work or apprenticeships - see this hkk program https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/closeup/20211008/4002837/ - no more drop outs

technology can be the solution - today every child could have their digital dashboard of skills already mastered - this is far more relevant tna paper certificates; digital models can be blockchained so that a student gets advice on what to practice next if they want to do particular types of work; this youth intelligence becomes ever more sustainable the less silos ot has

sadly english speaking education system s- the worst is usa - are designed eactly the opposite way round - 50 years ago maybe there was a sense to forcing total disruption to a chlds learning journey afet 5th grade about 11 and again at 8th grade at 14 - and of course families themselves move around but this is all the more reason why a childs dashboard needs personal ownership 

2020s technolgies make all of this chnage so simple; dont listen to politicians who blame other counytries as competitors; plolitocains who dondt serve the childs human development member of first d generation are the problem as are discrepancies in community safety caused by a hierarchy of politics which is about adminstering people not servinng them- if you dare find out how totally broken us education is start with eg jegfferesns children written 20 yeras ago which expalisn how america hates/feras 14-17 yeear olds instead of nurtut=ring them deeply just at the age when most need apprenticeships in community not dropoing out and not endless examination - if you really care about the futire of the younger half of americans I am always at chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - to help with custmised diagnosis of whom a particylar state or county is most droppoing ourt- if you come from anywhere that values its younger half as the first sdg generation help compile teh catalogue below- part of 40 yeras work since we first published 2025report.com with The Economist in 1984  

to start with through the 2020s wherever you encounter a big organsiation get ready to questuion it construbution to Envoronment, Society Goverment - whatever your relationship with the organsiation it is upn to you to minimise your relationshop with the organsiation if its esg does not feel right

why are these 10 curricula not common

financial literacy - this can be done from 2nd grade up (eg as soon as kids count); it is by those who co-create aflatounn curriculum which began in an indian orpanage

girls health from 10 ten up- ythe lancet has being arguing for this for years; the best way of doing this is micing ages 10 up and faciltating peer to peer

boys health 10 up is relevant too but not qute as urgent

nursing curricula - every teen should have at least one action learning apprenticeship - at the momemt many high schools only offer sports or theoeertical exams but most things from music to coding are mastered by practice- of course if health ws a peer to per curriculum those wh wanted to go into nursing or first aid could do so- in most of the world it is now realisee that instead of training a nuese to be expert in everything - most practices invlve specific training - any country without enough last mile health workers can first sort this ourt

there are curriculum which ae not offered because teachers need retraining first - it makes zero sense for any high school to have less than a third of teachers with time to question what is tech about to change- in the 2020s this quesrion is 10 times more important than ever before - unless enouh teachers can do this there willo be bo sustainability generation


fortunately smart approaces to adult refugees are now incorporatig learning passports - gdigital translation betwee curriculum co=ompetence in country of origin and new host country; in many cases it should take less than a year to convert any graduate

hifgly innovative subjects inclusing many on ending carbon are best offered with one world class free digital content web backed up by local mentors; it is rime to end thousands of professors teaching minor variants oif teh same subject often made to look distinctive with totally unecessary extra jargon


lets taka breank andask if ending povert means wherever the next girl is born she has a good chance at like - suely we can join in the worldwide movement demanding early childhood schooling everywhere; if you look at which counbtriesvre massively scaling earlycho=ilhood the goon news is expesive formats are seldom better thn low cst ones- the key criera is bond of love betwn teacher and kids

rhe great news drom adrica is thafed having issuedsecondarygrants for nearly a million kids oc=ver last 30 years now hasan acrive alumni club of 200000adults - a laefe number of whom are teachers;

it isincredible- you can go all through school a i sis witjout any practice in charinig meetings or co-crearive brainstorming- i recoomend scools seriously adopt www.opensacrword.com for at least a dew days a year

viriual educarion baeds go narurally with dashboards where the learnen can ttak back what she has already accomplished as well as not

every child shouldhave access ro love rgy sel reaining- tokyos current mayor says she only woke up at school when a lessonon zen empwwred her


transpatency note - in 1984 i co-authored 2-25 report- we argued tech could change education - for example once ever student had a smart phone students should be empowered to interview their teachers ar least as much as be taught parrot fashion - fdortnately one new zealand cluster of schools led the edge on this - while their impact on new zealnand may have been small except in their home community - their book became a best seller in china selling 10 million copies - chinese politicians took up the challenge ; if yiu read my fthers1977 economnist survey you will see how adaptible the chinese mase ther education system as sustanability's primry orentsl challenge bravo- chine 

Friday, July 23, 2021

POP -poverty sdg1
PWP for womens world
PYP for youths world
PCP for climate world
PAIP for artificial intel to serve human not vice versa
PinfraP an infrastructure world connecting every human life 

FAZLE ABED WENT BEYOND SDG5 INCLUSIVITY - in any community he heled design over 50 years he demanded the cooperation of one and all in  100% productivity, sustainability and resiliency 



futures of abed alumi prevent greenwashing of 17 sdg ppp by triangularise 
pop pwp pyp pcp paip pinfrap

example of pcp whose bringing world class pilots to villages eg p4p

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

 hunicorns - startup networks critical to species sustainable- never to be exited!

contents dedicated to legacy of fazle abed and urgent value multiplying sdg-action knowhow he shared -and prepped to end viruses and celebrate 2020s girlpower

HU01 100k villager network startup with 1/500 nation; hu100 university collaboration of 1/500 worldwide graduate collaboration alumni

health hunicorns

finance hunicorns

education hunicorns

food/water security hunicorns

resilient communityh unicorms

HU01 Abed's first HUNIcorn-100000 villagers field lab connected by 16000 homes brac and village refugees built 1972 HU100 Abed's legacy hunicorn invitation- connect action networks 100 university alumni of the first sdg generation -humanise global village data at heart of 2020s tech life critical leaps