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Friday, December 31, 1976

questions valuing communications - heroines and community building -entrepreneurial revolution

 During the first 11 years that Economist journalists mediated this challenge in light of von neumanns scoop from 1951 what to do with 100 times more etch Japan and JFKennedy networks got fully in tune with the following but with kennedy's assassination this was lost in the west until 1976 when The Economist and Romano Prodi co-published entrepreneurial revolution

In search of sustainability games- Von Neumann's above zero sum quest and journalism for humanity?/

system mapping design co-creating human joys round

questions valuing communications - heroines and community building
1 on education and media roles in exponential human development
2 on verse & music - eg shakespeare, baptist communities
3 on 5 eras of media 
word of mouth/print before electricity & telle
tele before web 1 (connection assumed by wired up pvs)
web 1 before web 2 -connections by mobiles which also tracked data from every gps and universal right of accesss
web 3 top secret race - is this where you'd want girlls spending most of their development time:
Global Broadway network - marritot times square spring 2019
transgeneration; transnational transmedudia 3nfts (scaling meatverse-good with SDgirl-worthy experiential learning collaborations) worth 8 billion beings chat being ai (mr metaverse ) ed3)