help explore sustainable maps- those that value creativity of youth and intergenerational open society investment audited by exactly opposite metrics from quarterly extraction by highly bordered systems of top-down planners- about us - most parents we have met anywhere see the future as being sustained by chidren's creativity- so where and why is it that UN reports so many of man's biggest organisations and professions no longer celebrate this most urgent determinant of sustainbility

-for example: to sustain jobs-creating education is to be for all, how do you all map collaboration now?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

current post muhammad yunus facebook fan page- tag demonstrating yazmi 5 billion person elearning satellite in youth and yunus capitals 31 years ago my father at The Economist and I completed a book celebrating the wish that millennials would be empowered by exactly opposite capitals than 20th C superpower- join the campaign this summer to end dc as a capital of superpower and start dc up as a twin capital of youth creativity diary july 100 countries youth celebrate what 8 years olds are most curious about; august world leading under 35 open technologists meetup at world bank; september the pope gives congress a master class in preferential option poor; october world bank relocates its annual meetings to lima peru...... whats your going to help millennials celebrate?

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