help explore sustainable maps- those that value creativity of youth and intergenerational open society investment audited by exactly opposite metrics from quarterly extraction by highly bordered systems of top-down planners- about us - most parents we have met anywhere see the future as being sustained by chidren's creativity- so where and why is it that UN reports so many of man's biggest organisations and professions no longer celebrate this most urgent determinant of sustainbility

-for example: to sustain jobs-creating education is to be for all, how do you all map collaboration now?

Saturday, May 16, 2015 and partners in publishing world record book of job creation and open education invite you to join in worldwide Surveying people who could most collaborate around map of future of education for all - vote for others to survey - rsvp

Dear Taddy

Reason I ask is that I met Ashfaq International Child Art Foundation for first time yesterday after kind intro from people in japan who my father would love most

Ashfaq is 20+ years into converging about 1500 youth every 4 years from 100 countries on the mall close to the white house- the goal is to create stakeholder networks in youth as all of our creative futures

June 30 and Jul;y 1 are both the opening days of this 5 day event and the time when friends will be in flying in from around world to understand collaboration opportunities and try to map ongoing collaboration and  alumni networks

chris macrae -is it possible to change dc from epicentre of superpower to twin capital in youth creativty in time for beijing to prefer banking for youth creativity too?

dear ashfaq if i have misdescribed your grand opus' urgency please correct me -

dear taddy if these dates are not practical- we would love to celebrate a day in dc with you during your family's us trip this summer

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