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Thursday, June 30, 2022

 david, steve -could i intro you and see if we might build a quorum for a fortnightly drink and exchange of solutions and linkin friends- i zoomed with david for an hour last week- he's spending 2 months in arlington from colombia and is interested in how younger half of world can leap forward on sustainability challenges with tech; steve and used to meet many times as part of conscious capitalism dc and indeed before that I knew of steve as having started a virtual university; it seems to me that we are breaching very last chance to make tech collab solutions to whatever community crisis concerns youth you know most; whilst i prefer to find business models I have studied UN leaders attempts to take UN digital from 2016 under Guterres an unique servant leader- this student year a wonderful competition has resulted www.sdgmetaverseprize.org - the rules invite any team from 2 to 6 to join in choose one sdgs - show how digital collaboration can solve something - winners will be celebrated in 2023 at UN general assembly or by xprize or by various other sponsors. I have always found arlingon a strange place close to DC (poliical- madness) so arlington is world epicentre of social entrepreneurs www.ashoka.org who dont seem to scale; now where bezos has impact; it used to host extraordinary 1776 hub with over 500 tech incubators but thats closed; there are probably 20 people at organisiation of american states, idb, world bank I could ask to join in or zoom in ; while jim kim was at world bank they had lot of belief at least on health and annual youth summits- if its worth a go at a fortnightly meet please suggest a time best for both of you and lets start; if the cafe idea doesnt work but we can advance something via linkedin or lunchclub lets try that - over to you both!! ps i am looking at NFT crypto financing - while most madden me its a bit like go fund me on steroids in earmarking money for one community as potential world change gravity- 6000 educators are uniting round one nft ED3- I aim to meet its founder as my number 1 diary call- I have put many additional links at www.sdgoats.com (greatest of all time) and www.un2dao.com -also i gather mackey retires from whole foods in a few weeks - I dont know if this means he's unwell or going to regroup around empowering conscious connectirs- theres a hell of a lot to do on food because of putin- I do know the person who has been at world bank main person on food index data for 16 years if his intel can help anyone you know i can try and facilitate that; in fact even if the prize doesnt work - cataloguing who has intel by each goal is something I aim to do and release the last version of www.2025report.com - a quest for sustainability solutions dad at the economist and i started publishing 1984 after dad had since 1951 meeting von neumann applied his journalist scoop what to do with 100 times more tech per decade; ironically it was dads 1976 survey entrepreneurial revolution (italian advocate romano prodi) which inspired drayton to start ashoka but I have never been able to find out which of the 5000 entrepreneurs in his stable scales and collabs -its much easier to go in ashoka and start getting quorum if you are not a 71 year old white man. (a sort of reverse favoritism which I understand having done more deep intel research on bangladesh women empowerment than anyone in dc   ( www.abedmooc.com ) and having tried to map with the community that nurtured thurgood marshall who I'd trust most if I was a black youth in any of the 20 hardest cities to be black- rev al hathway in baltmore is the person i start with on future of lives matter usa though welcome your nominations

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    # Executive Summary

    ## *(matching slide deck to come)*

    ⚠️ **Problem:** Education is stagnant and educators do not have the right access to resources, tools, and each other, in order to innovate. This lack of evolution is hindering the preparation of the next generation toward positive contributions to the workforce, society, and their own wellbeing.
    ✅ **Solution:** Ed3 DAO is a launchpad and resource hub for the global community of educators who wish to catalyze innovation and reimagine education. With an initial focus on web3, we can hone in on tangible solutions for the immediate era.

    🔮 **Vision:** We envision a world where global educators are fully equipped to evolve education as the world evolves & prepare the next generation to be positive contributors to the workforce, society, and their own wellbeing.

    🎯 **Mission:** Ed3 DAO is a launchpad and global community for educators who wish to catalyze innovation and reimagine education, in the world of web3

    💰 **Business Models in 2022 - 2023**
    🖼 NFT sales
    🏅 Web3 for Education Global Certification Program (virtual)
    🎡 Annual Ed3 Unconference in the Eduverse (virtual)
    👛 $Ed3 social token

    💰 **Business Models in 2023 & Beyond
    💡** Accelerator program for starting alternative education models like micro-schools
    **💡** Accelerator program for starting Edtech companies
    **💡** Hackathons & competitions in education for web3
    **💡** Low-risk staking of treasury funds
    **💡** Talent development & web3 consulting platform for education
    **💡** Investments in new ventures

    🪙 **Tokenomics:** We will have two types of tokens to avoid the problem of whales and favoring the rich.

    1️⃣ **$Ed3 Social token**: A transferrable, fungible token that will accrue value as the DAO grows. This token does not give individuals a vote. There will be a TBD quantity created and a schedule of release over a course of TBD years. Individuals can acquire social tokens by:
    ✔ contributing to the DAO as compensation for work & engagement
    ✔ purchasing a TBD limited quantity per quarter
    ✔ receiving as a gift from purchaser
    ✔ receiving airdrop as part of promotions, giveaways, or events by Ed3 DAO

    2️⃣ **Ed3 Governance token:** A non-transferrable, non-fungible token that has no monetary value. This token gives individuals the ability to vote (1 vote = 1 token = 1 person). There will be a TBD quantity created every quarter. Individuals can acquire governance tokens by:
    ✔ applying formally with the DAO governance committee MORE oncommission.us12.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=ae75450d327bd33f02ee8824a&id=8cfa49dcd9