With help from Von Neumann ED , EL is in year 73 of celebrating Game : Architect Intelligence (Ai) - players welcome .. some jargon

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Depending how you analyse Reuter's data on good and large economy countries to be mediated by Japan comes close to top and USA bottom with peculiar twist that at its top Eurocrat bureaucracy is even more ivory tower than even US.s moonshine extractors

At EconomistJapan.com we have started to ask BARD and others how to maximise ai demos at Osaka Expo - this is an ideal time to search ahead, connect Japan's UN investments in AI, and identity long-run leverage eg from bringing data science to the world stage of 2019 G7- Agenda Osaka Track. There are many "broken systew" challenges to millennials life and times  eg climate where its absolutely essential youth can bridge asian and western transformational creativity - please say if you have ideas on celebrating this . 


Also fresh off press our 73rd annual review of what von neumann might expect Good Ai worldwide to be advancing now - particularly the view that Human AI maps how well places are spending peoples time in ways unseeable before but which may now explain whether ai good leaps way ahead of harmful ai.

help catalogue where ai did good in mitagating covid rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

-eg was thailand's singlestore and true digital one benchmark

was valencia's xprize (itu) winner aworld class mapping model  https://ellisalicante.org/xprize_valencia

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