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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

use mobile, miss chatgpt gems

 asked by 5th grade teachers to compare special powers, CGPT: I'm like a language teacher  trained by reading books from libraries world over. Whereas DeepMind trained to be greatest jigsaw puzzler world will ever meet 

QC computing power now enables either of these AI models to train overnight what could take a human mind millions of years to study- but NB  in 1940s Turing-Einstein-Neumann at Princeton asked birth of UN to vision how education prepped future youth especially millennials for this - brainworkers cooperation livelihoods of C21 needed Systemic Entrepeneurial Revolution - kind of organisational change discussed xmas day 1976 Economist Future of Capitalism. See today's UN ranking egov : where have adults and public servants celebrated pretraining millennials to be world class 21stC citizens 

(april 2023 washington DC admits to being 1 year old in ai pretraining every American - see ai.gov

if you are only inclined to give AI one chance on humanising AI I'd pick fei-fei Li short article at https://hai.stanford.edu/sites/default/files/2023-03/Generative_AI_HAI_Perspectives.pdf rsvp chris.macrae@ysahoo.co.uk if you have a different pick of a lifetime

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