With help from Von Neumann ED , EL is in year 73 of celebrating Game : Architect Intelligence (Ai) - players welcome .. some jargon

Thursday, December 31, 1970


ED: EL: EWo: EWa: Current top 30 Cooperation women empowered nation building platforms 2019-1970 mapped with Abed partners
*F5 women's productivity (1billiongirls) Partnership platforms;
*F4 ed3 - lifelong livelihood edu
* F3 health services
* F2 human energy food/water security
* F1 investment and local fin services
F5.3 bracnet * F5.4 21st c coop university of sd generation * F5.5 smart global village climate adaptation knowhow aligned smart city * F5.6 beam/zoom/chatgpt me up 5 minute ola lesson plans
F4.6 education & tech luminaries core of UN2 tech envoy dig-coop * 4.5 playschool every community * 4.4 new nation & transnation women empowering university * 4.3 teenage partnership livelihood action learning -75% new jobs for millennials *
3.6 James Grant worldwide public health school * 3.5 crossfunctional frugal health services eg "WASH" and maternal service with $1 birthing kit (retail local anywhere)
2.6 catalogue of nation's value chains designed for poorest rural integration * 2.5 dairy as key value chain for nation building * 2.4 poultry as key value chain
1.6 hq2 web3 cooperation sdgs world most cooperative space on mother earth * 1.5 the most populous cashless bank * 1.4 city banking networks invested in by rural village moms * 1.3 ultra poor graduation worldwide *
FOLLOWING FOUNDATIONAL FIRST QUARTER CENTURY VILLAGE DEVELOPMENT WITHOUT ELECTRICITY_ networking word of mouth -& once literate by book of print (brac curricula of women empowered development
1,2 brac microfinance plus - 3-in-1 market mapping: microfranchise design*scaling metavillage replication; value chain integration national and as world's microeconomics dev lab * 1.1 aid 2.0 maximise business direct cash transfer; when you do apply grants design a world class partners' channel
2.1 across asia (majority of human population dev) rice science key to ending starvation * 2.2 in asia at least one vitamin veggie also needed for infants development first 1000 days prevent stunting , night blindness etc) * 2.3 village fairs as revenue earning channels from nation's city - crafts, silks (fashion design) , social forestry .. * 3.1 networking oral rehydration- bangladesh village mothers gift =health's win-win economics-rural advancement * 3.2 local para-health servants network (also nations # 1 wholesaler of most basic meds and personal care items including eg condoms * 3.3 nationwide vaccination of children * 3.4 world class tuberculosis alleviation becomes full 2000s partner of global fund bv-malaria-aids - connects abed gates soros kim farmer ..continunity with james grant UNICEF; and eg founding university around epidemiologists cf swarthmore
4.1 adult literacies (read, write, finance) and livelihood training and foundation of brac as network of 100000 micro-educators not microfinanciers -both microfranchise training and extended associates of brac - barefoot health barefoot lawyers school teachers ... * 4.2 primary schools starts up world's largest non-gov ed network
5.1 metavillage ie development of 100K lives by 15000 village mothers aka small is beautiful but large scale absolutely essential to put poverty in museums 5.2 partnership metavillage platforms replication journey to 1 billion girls with 1 billion boys the bottom of pyramid quarter of human development

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