>3/18 24: Similarities between Electronic Computers and the Human Brain: Thank you Jensen Huang for best week of Learning since John Von Neumann shared with The Economist 1956 notes Computer & The Brain
HAPPY 2024: in this 74th year since The Economist started mediating futures of brainworking machines clued by the 3 maths greats NET (Neumann, Einstein, Turing) people seem to be chatting about 5 wholly different sorts of AI. 1BAD: The worst tech system designers don't deserve inclusion in human intel at all, and as Hoover's Condoleezza Rice . 2 reports their work is result of 10 compound techs of which Ai is but one. Those worst for world system designs may use media to lie or multiply hate or hack, and to perpetuate tribal wars and increase trade in arms. Sadly bad versions of tv media began in USA early 1960s when it turned out what had been the nation's first major export crop, tobacco, was a killer. Please note for a long time farmers did not know bac was bad: western HIStory is full of ignorances which lawyer-dominated societies then cover up once inconvenient system truths are seen. A second AI ecommerce type (now 25 years exponential development strong) ; this involves ever more powerful algorithms applied to a company's data platform that can be app'd to hollow out community making relatively few people richer and richer, or the reverse. You can test a nation's use of this ai by seeing if efinance has invested in the poorest or historically most disconnected - see eg bangladesh's bklash, one of the most populous digital cash systems . Digital money is far cheaper to distribute let alone to manually account for so power AI offers lots of lessons but whether its good or not depends in part on whether there are enough engineers in gov & public service to see ahead of what needs regulating. There are 2 very good ai's which have only scaled in recent years that certainly dont need regulating by non engineers and one curious ai which was presented to congress in 2018 but which was left to multiply at least 100 variants today the so-called chats or LLMs. Lets look at the 2 very good ai's first because frankly if your community is concerned about any extinction risks these AI may most likely save you, One I call science AI and frankly in the west one team is so far ahead that we should count ourselves lucky that its originator Hassabis has mixed wealth and societal growth. His deep mind merged with google to make wealth but open sourced the 200 million protein databank equivalent to a billion hours of doctorate time- so now's the time for biotech to save humanity if it ever does. Alongside this the second very good AI graviates around Fei-Fei Li) in developing 20 million imagenet database so that annual competitions training computers to see 20000 of the most everyday sights we humans view around the world including things and life-forms such as nature's plants and animals. Today, students no longer need to go back to 0.1 programming to ask computer about any of these objects; nor do robots or and autonomous vehicles - see fei-fei li's book worlds i see which is published in melinda gates Entrepreneurial Revolution of girl empowerment
EW::ED , VN Hypothesis: in 21st C brainworking worlds how people's times & data are spent is foundational to place's community health, energy and so natural capacity to grow/destroy wealth -thus species will depend on whether 1000 mother tongue language model mediates intelligence/maths so all communities cooperatively celebrate lifetimes and diversity's deep data ) . Check out "Moore exponential patterns" at year 73 of celebrating Game : Architect Intelligence (Ai) - players welcome .. some jargon

Thursday, December 31, 1970

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Bletchley Park: From Codebreaking to AI Pioneer
Atheist moral relativism
Rowan Atkinson's Electrical Engineering Thesis
When did Fei-Fei Li and Demis Hassabis meet?
do you know if any content of yann lecun's recent youtube presentations are available as powerpoint bookmarks?
North America's natural resources in 1776
Can you give me a top 20 list of fast changing technoloigies that good ai works with- eg blockchain, quantum computing, internet of things, next "G" standrar of tech, robotics, augmenting human senses? What I am looking for is a list every teacher of pre-teens up should know about because if human ai goes well youth may yet be the first sustainable generation
What is meaning of generative in generative ai
I want to host a zoom with new yorkers interested in arts and architecture on how ai can help them - do you have any suggestions on AI cases in arts and architecture which might excite an audience who knows a lot about arts/architecture but some of whom may be beginners in ai
am i correct in thinking as of 2-23 there are about 8 times more asian qualified engineers under 35 than there are white engineers under 35
If guterres recommended that sdgoal 17 was changed to AIforsdgs or some term which made it clear that public private partnerships are unlikely to be systematically and deep data integrated without Ai, how might you summarise the overall framework of the 16 original sdgs and 17 AIforsdgs. Are there tools and actions ecosystems like llm or plugins that such a clarification by Guterres would lead to urgently advancing to ensuring that the UN makes optimal use of human aI as it faces half time in the sdg declaration to 2030 with currently every sdgoal collapsing not advancing (announcements on this goal by goal are expected at UNGA next month in NY)
biden paying billion dollars each to fee americans held in iran - but do you have any bios on who they are Siamak Namazi, Emad Shargi and Morad Tahbaz
Do you think that Gutrres got an answer to year of reprting solutions to education is no longer fit foir purpose. Perhaps because ai was so poorly understood up to 2022, he got no transformative answers. Can human ai compose their submission now to curing unfit for purpose?
when was the system of latitude and longitude born?
what can you tell me about the intellugence of teh late great ezra vogel

ED: EL: EWo: EWa: Current top 30 Cooperation women empowered nation building platforms 2019-1970 mapped with Abed partners
*F5 women's productivity (1billiongirls) Partnership platforms;
*F4 ed3 - lifelong livelihood edu
* F3 health services
* F2 human energy food/water security
* F1 investment and local fin services
F5.3 bracnet * F5.4 21st c coop university of sd generation * F5.5 smart global village climate adaptation knowhow aligned smart city * F5.6 beam/zoom/chatgpt me up 5 minute ola lesson plans
F4.6 education & tech luminaries core of UN2 tech envoy dig-coop * 4.5 playschool every community * 4.4 new nation & transnation women empowering university * 4.3 teenage partnership livelihood action learning -75% new jobs for millennials *
3.6 James Grant worldwide public health school * 3.5 crossfunctional frugal health services eg "WASH" and maternal service with $1 birthing kit (retail local anywhere)
2.6 catalogue of nation's value chains designed for poorest rural integration * 2.5 dairy as key value chain for nation building * 2.4 poultry as key value chain
1.6 hq2 web3 cooperation sdgs world most cooperative space on mother earth * 1.5 the most populous cashless bank * 1.4 city banking networks invested in by rural village moms * 1.3 ultra poor graduation worldwide *
FOLLOWING FOUNDATIONAL FIRST QUARTER CENTURY VILLAGE DEVELOPMENT WITHOUT ELECTRICITY_ networking word of mouth -& once literate by book of print (brac curricula of women empowered development
1,2 brac microfinance plus - 3-in-1 market mapping: microfranchise design*scaling metavillage replication; value chain integration national and as world's microeconomics dev lab * 1.1 aid 2.0 maximise business direct cash transfer; when you do apply grants design a world class partners' channel
2.1 across asia (majority of human population dev) rice science key to ending starvation * 2.2 in asia at least one vitamin veggie also needed for infants development first 1000 days prevent stunting , night blindness etc) * 2.3 village fairs as revenue earning channels from nation's city - crafts, silks (fashion design) , social forestry .. * 3.1 networking oral rehydration- bangladesh village mothers gift =health's win-win economics-rural advancement * 3.2 local para-health servants network (also nations # 1 wholesaler of most basic meds and personal care items including eg condoms * 3.3 nationwide vaccination of children * 3.4 world class tuberculosis alleviation becomes full 2000s partner of global fund bv-malaria-aids - connects abed gates soros kim farmer ..continunity with james grant UNICEF; and eg founding university around epidemiologists cf swarthmore
4.1 adult literacies (read, write, finance) and livelihood training and foundation of brac as network of 100000 micro-educators not microfinanciers -both microfranchise training and extended associates of brac - barefoot health barefoot lawyers school teachers ... * 4.2 primary schools starts up world's largest non-gov ed network
5.1 metavillage ie development of 100K lives by 15000 village mothers aka small is beautiful but large scale absolutely essential to put poverty in museums 5.2 partnership metavillage platforms replication journey to 1 billion girls with 1 billion boys the bottom of pyramid quarter of human development

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