With help from Von Neumann ED , EL is in year 73 of celebrating Game : Architect Intelligence (Ai) - players welcome .. some jargon

Tuesday, December 31, 1985

 Mapping good ai for 2025 from 1951  Neumann/Macrae

100 times more tech connecting"good" if it

unites worldwide advances in  (what we now call ) UN SDGs1 to 6 

Starting with poorest – ie basics of life

2 Food , 6 water,3  health, 4 livelihood ed3, 5 no

Underclasses, safe home

In addition birth of UN in 1945 recognized that up to 75% of

Peoples had been left out of electricity grids

Etc by way Empi9re world was designed-with

Particular crises of landlocked nations or peoples

Far from coastlines- this would need urgent

Cooperative attention in era of independence

As of 1045 only nations controlled by Stalin 

appeared not to agree with UN goals;

World would need to outlast Stalin and

Avoid nuclear bombs until  old world’s far north

People free ; thence hopefully disarmament

In picture name 3 as "math wizards deep data science"-\

 if ai and economics design what human relationship futures are possible, then  bothwWill need maths wizards as grounded as eg those of TEN – Turing Einstein Neumann

V Neumann's life had been dominated to 1945

By crises and gov secrets  of energy projects, he wanted to dedicate

Rest of his time to intel of hardware

Coding and brain science; as of 1951 he didn’t

 know he had less than 6 years; Einstein and 

Turing less than 3; he did know he wanted to

Open source everything on AI

RESOURCES Regarding future exponentials of tech and humans and UN
ITU publications since 1865; League of nations diaries including Einstein
Hosting of international intellectual cooperation; Geneva as Digital, trade mapping and health twin
of UN from 1945 
Major sources: diaries and letters of TEN eg note Einstein letters to Gandhi & Freud; Diaspora Scots school including Adam Smith and from 1843 Economist James Wilson And Royal Family diaries UK Netherlands; Bagehot English Constitution;
Keynes especially last chapter general theory; Geoffrey Crowther publication
Economist Autobiography 1843-1943