33 years ago we started practicing core brand transformation inspired by new systems modeling -eg of CK Prahalad & Gary Hamel- typically when needing to transform as large brand entity as the UN we'd propse better start again and then reverse takeover-; we realise that's not an option UN2.0 so urgent to address what's the 9 piece combo of UN2.0 Tech Envoy Team at Guterres HQ- how contextually value roadmaps for anyone SDG partnering Guterres: Global Connectivity since 1865 (ITU); AIforgoodreborn ITU 2018 stems from Neumann peers 100 times more tech per decade since 1935 -see dad's bio of vn
Digital Cooperation launched by Guterres 2018 but seen by those valuing youth generation as antidote to failure of millennium goals to value education more that primary school; Digital Capacity Building: sustainable gov tech requires UN2 to be skils benchmark wherever gov designed to empower; this leaves 4 traditional connections of UN to digitalise inclusion commons human rights so that trust/safety is brand's reality; 9th piece CODES environmental sustainability - thi9s seems to have emerged as it became clear that cops may lead on adaptation but adaptation needs to be borderless community replication of deep solutions
379 UN Antonio Guterres :: Family & Smithian Diary: why 1984's 2025 report published to ask Economist Readers to co-search 3 billion new jobs 2025=1985 following on prt 1 teachforsdgs.com
Learning's Unconventional Worldwide Premieres
300 vriti world premier ed3 tour ^^^ NFT V 0 1 2 3

2025Report- download monthly update 100 learning networks millennials girls love most
(Economist Surveys inspired by Von Neumann 1984-1951; why 1936 dad & von neumann started 100 year race to prevent extinction; why dad's last year nominated Fazle Abed Entrepreneurial Revolution GOAT - who do you vote for SDGoats.com

00Fazle Abed: Which educational and economic partnerships most empower a billion women to end extreme poverty, and value their children’s sustainability? Fortunately for SDGS.games 2020s, start deep village maps around partners/alumni of 50 years of servant leadership by fazle abed 1970-2019

IN 1970, life expectancy tropical villages up to 25 years below world average _skills trainers priority last mile health world’s most trusted eds needed eg epidemiologists UNICEF Grant, Brilliant, later Jim KIm –& to end starvation food's borlaug

3) last mile health
2) agriculture for village food security

4)non-linear livelihood education
5) timing what platforms partners could facilitate entrepreneurial revolution not not just inclusive community but cooperation in full and meaningful entrepreneurial employment

financial entrepreneurial revolution for nation's people history excluded from machine age
billion women's Sustainability COLLABS 

 Intergenerational collaboration entrepreneur platforms 5.1  metavillage sustainable community building - women empowered:15000 families at a time;5.2   billion asian women,5.3  brac net; 5.4   asian universities share sdg graduates 5.5  climate smart village exchanges,5.6 meta and zoom-me up scotty

BANK FOR ALL 1.1  1.2  1.3   1.4   1.5   1.6 celebrate 30 most human collaborations from developing world of last half-century - inspiring  anyone valuing UN and youth as first sustainability generation
EDUCATION  adult village entrepreneurs 4.1; primary 4.2  ; teen 4.3; university4.4 ; pre-school4.5;tech multidisciplinary luminaries 4.6 
HEALTH oral rehydration 3.1 ;para health "doordash" basic meds 3,2; scale vaccination3.3 ;tuberculosis & 3.4  Frugal processes eg wash sanitation, maternity3.5  ; James Grant School of public health 3.6
FOOD/land security 2.1  rice; 2.2 veggie  2.3    cash crops & village fair; 2.4  poultry;2.5  dairy, 2,6  14 nation leading supply chains financial opportunities to end poverty ;

Sunday, December 31, 1989

can millennials trust web1-3 to design most massive colabs sustainbiliuty gen requires

 2022 update of this 33 year dialogue

log of some fav ne corridor spaces

Tufts- talloire elarning exchnage; arctic circle colaboratory; invite by tech netwirk to co-launch womens kindness meta verse

mit - quadir fam ily (jpal as funded by toyota middle east aka adbul latif - rosalingd picard; others at mit interviewed by IEEE's steve; 

combination of tufts (alumni) mit -legatum as a fav space of mastercard foundation leader REETA Roy 

arguably the biggest single influence on funding girls world development now sir fazle departed- see also her 2021 keynote at summit cohocted by bloomberg and emir of qatar - note first lady of qatar greatest mid east designer of education cities; compare this with approac=h of duabia - while bubai expo 2021 was a great realy eg to koto expo 2025 its not clear where the coordinated leadershipnof dubai-abu dhabi is ; its also not clear who in middle east will become epicentre of regional-good nft probably africa's greatest hope since eu and usa are distracted by so many other priorities; also goodness me - tradding routes of mid east and africa east coast essential to map transoarently if african infrastructure ever to value 21st C youth oin a continental scale 

brigham mass - www.pih.org one of deepest last mile health service networks- problem farmer has doed; fudning model needed to blend with other 2 vbnrac health and meds without frontieres- no eveidnce that a last mile med nft is being connected by these 3 co-wporld champions

dear lorlene and eban please tell me if any of these potentially huge collabs interest you

I virtually attended graduation of geneya's 500 youth cohort United People Globally- i have linkedin with founder https://www.linkedin.com/in/adeyemibabingtonashaye/ fascinating he was a young champion at weforum; helped schwab brand 2000 global shapers (youth network) -I think he may still have been doing that when 2020 soros launched osun or the year jim kim had just resigned world bank but keynoted to global shapers - now 3 years into his own version out of geneva- which is also where all of UN2.0 guterres tech is advanced

2 as you probably know guterres responsible for 10 most difficult years of 15 year sdg deadlines; fortunately I have a diary of every major incident since Guterres launched un2.0 -happy to prove that if you have Q&A on who's which goal who-for the first time ever there is a year round competition with 17 branches one for each sdg - teams of 2 -6 to apply by december www.sdgmetaverseprize.org - 3 main origins of this Guterres UN tech envoy NY; ITU geneva ; mountain view xprize (you could say SMVP is their 20th xprize with 19th -vatar's 10 million prize announced november ) (Led by Guterres The Un has its own 9 subframes to digital un2.0 roadmap- a special language where terms such as AI and Global connectivity do not scope what any academic faculty might (the 9 have to interact with the TU being the digital twin since 1945 - since nobody ever wanted 2 telephones or 2 satellite coms systems - its business partners have to collaborate at the open standard level) whats good is if un succeeds in govtech it becomes benchmark for govtech at any level

3 I have come across 2 of the most humanly designed NFTS- we discuss these monthly out of flatiron NY where have long known the founder of new yorks 50 year old recording studio soundtrackny (started by mit graduates it also is boston's main studio)- everyone I know believes web 1 and 2 were fake in terms of what 21st c youth needed to be the sdg generation - how to get web3 and its first NFTforsdgs open societal ...holding a co-chair in these nft communities costs about 150 dollar- i would happily sponsor 1 chair among all the climate stuff and 1 among all other tufts exchanges if thats the best way- how would you choose a person who wants to be responsible for those most massive collaboration opportunities -from my 16 interviews with fazle abed he would see what he meant by new university collab and nfts designed to linkin in alumni celebrating sdg advances without frontiers; with paul farmer dead jim kim desperately needs to work out an nft fund model for www.pih.org in the off chance any of your friends now how to contact him) - in 2021 i recovered 100 begging mails from www.pih.org - only most over-privileged old harvard mbas could believe that way of marketing still multiplies goodwill among those empowering community level action learning, as well as deep data trust and tech- fortunatley babinngto comes from harvard 3.0 !!

do you have questions; should we zoom, is there anyone else i should be contacting? I guess this could need to be the most disruptive student year ever

chris www.economistdiary.com +1 240 316 8157