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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Economistsocial.com and partners in publishing world record book of job creation and open education invite you to join in worldwide Surveying people who could most collaborate around map of future of education for all - vote for others to survey - rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

Dear Taddy

Reason I ask is that I met Ashfaq International Child Art Foundation for first time yesterday after kind intro from people in japan who my father would love most

Ashfaq is 20+ years into converging about 1500 youth every 4 years from 100 countries on the mall close to the white house- the goal is to create stakeholder networks in youth as all of our creative futures

June 30 and Jul;y 1 are both the opening days of this 5 day event and the time when friends will be in flying in from around world to understand collaboration opportunities and try to map ongoing collaboration and  alumni networks

chris macrae -is it possible to change dc from epicentre of superpower to twin capital in youth creativty in time for beijing to prefer banking for youth creativity too?

dear ashfaq if i have misdescribed your grand opus' urgency please correct me -

dear taddy if these dates are not practical- we would love to celebrate a day in dc with you during your family's us trip this summer

if this map is valguely right then all pro-youth summits need to unite around a compass of intefacing alumni association
ecopnomistsocial  interveiws with educators who love children most over last 4 yeras would suggest these critical age segments
8-12/13 -what shapes pre-adolescence often sticks for life- moreover even in countries as developed as south african media age of elaving school is 13- nor should nations with older media school leaving age be pompous abouyt reality than many teenagers would be better off in 21st C apprenticeships than examination classrooms

13-18 this is a key peer to peer age bridging youth summits - younger and older

18-22 university age - this age needs he;p to chnage universities from separated certificate issuing monopolies to something more livelihood productive- putting this age group in student debt juits when 10 times more win-win social economies could be linking a bodreless world is the worst or meanest ideolgy any elder generation have ever committed on their children -

23-35 millennials professional age -eg do you agree with jim kim that milennail porfessionals can be most conne\cetd educated colaborative in sustainablity network of humans world has ever celebrated

current post muhammad yunus facebook fan page- tag demonstrating yazmi 5 billion person elearning satellite in youth and yunus capitals

http://www.economistsocial.com 31 years ago my father at The Economist and I completed a book celebrating the wish that millennials would be empowered by exactly opposite capitals than 20th C superpower- join the campaign this summer to end dc as a capital of superpower and start dc up as a twin capital of youth creativity diary july 100 countries youth celebrate what 8 years olds are most curious about; august world leading under 35 open technologists meetup at world bank; september the pope gives congress a master class in preferential option poor; october world bank relocates its annual meetings to lima peru...... whats your http://www.economistdiary.com going to help millennials celebrate?