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Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Ironically schools only started to access smarter anayltic tools than log tables or slide rulers from 1970 (and that was the priveleged places

Yet  since 1970 Economics has measured less and less of what advances quality of life across generatoons- catalogue all of the work families do to develop kds or look after the elderly, everything that needs to be valued in interacting with mother earth if the next generation are to inherit as much as earth gave their parents, think of safety, peace , cultural depth

WE call whats missing Female Economic Intelligence- while strictly speaking parnetal Economic Intel would  be more visionary- currently goal 5 valuing women''s lives as much as mens will not happen nor will many of the sdgs unless we fix how broken economics and most global professions are. they represnet big gets biger by eg externalising risk out to other oragsaitions and to next generations

And ten there are absuridties -- the total monetary value of finacial transcations a year is 3000 trillion dolars ; 1 trillion may be understood;: 2999 trillion dolars a year needs to be made transparent

One of the purspeos of 21st C universities as imagneered by Fazle Abed and Steve Jobs was to demonstrate missing value franchises

for example abed spotted that pere-schoosl are missing the world over but this particuary enalises development of poorest kids-half of human development hapens by age 6 so until pre-schools existe every gps kids are born we are not begiining to get smarter

there are huge missing curricula- the lancet has argued a black hole in all of heaslth is the lack of a peer to peer pre-adolescent physical and mental health focus

step back and audit what is being lost by not chnaging school formats through the era of more than 100 tiems more tech per decade that the legacy of vone nuemann , einstein and their peers gave us

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