33 years ago we started practicing core brand transformation inspired by new systems modeling -eg of CK Prahalad & Gary Hamel- typically when needing to transform as large brand entity as the UN we'd propse better start again and then reverse takeover-; we realise that's not an option UN2.0 so urgent to address what's the 9 piece combo of UN2.0 Tech Envoy Team at Guterres HQ- how contextually value roadmaps for anyone SDG partnering Guterres: Global Connectivity since 1865 (ITU); AIforgoodreborn ITU 2018 stems from Neumann peers 100 times more tech per decade since 1935 -see dad's bio of vn
Digital Cooperation launched by Guterres 2018 but seen by those valuing youth generation as antidote to failure of millennium goals to value education more that primary school; Digital Capacity Building: sustainable gov tech requires UN2 to be skils benchmark wherever gov designed to empower; this leaves 4 traditional connections of UN to digitalise inclusion commons human rights so that trust/safety is brand's reality; 9th piece CODES environmental sustainability - thi9s seems to have emerged as it became clear that cops may lead on adaptation but adaptation needs to be borderless community replication of deep solutions
379 UN Antonio Guterres :: Family & Smithian Diary: why 1984's 2025 report published to ask Economist Readers to co-search 3 billion new jobs 2025=1985 following on prt 1 teachforsdgs.com
Learning's Unconventional Worldwide Premieres
300 vriti world premier ed3 tour ^^^ NFT V 0 1 2 3

2025Report- download monthly update 100 learning networks millennials girls love most
(Economist Surveys inspired by Von Neumann 1984-1951; why 1936 dad & von neumann started 100 year race to prevent extinction; why dad's last year nominated Fazle Abed Entrepreneurial Revolution GOAT - who do you vote for SDGoats.com

00Fazle Abed: Which educational and economic partnerships most empower a billion women to end extreme poverty, and value their children’s sustainability? Fortunately for SDGS.games 2020s, start deep village maps around partners/alumni of 50 years of servant leadership by fazle abed 1970-2019

IN 1970, life expectancy tropical villages up to 25 years below world average _skills trainers priority last mile health world’s most trusted eds needed eg epidemiologists UNICEF Grant, Brilliant, later Jim KIm –& to end starvation food's borlaug

3) last mile health
2) agriculture for village food security

4)non-linear livelihood education
5) timing what platforms partners could facilitate entrepreneurial revolution not not just inclusive community but cooperation in full and meaningful entrepreneurial employment

financial entrepreneurial revolution for nation's people history excluded from machine age
billion women's Sustainability COLLABS 

 Intergenerational collaboration entrepreneur platforms 5.1  metavillage sustainable community building - women empowered:15000 families at a time;5.2   billion asian women,5.3  brac net; 5.4   asian universities share sdg graduates 5.5  climate smart village exchanges,5.6 meta and zoom-me up scotty

BANK FOR ALL 1.1  1.2  1.3   1.4   1.5   1.6 celebrate 30 most human collaborations from developing world of last half-century - inspiring  anyone valuing UN and youth as first sustainability generation
EDUCATION  adult village entrepreneurs 4.1; primary 4.2  ; teen 4.3; university4.4 ; pre-school4.5;tech multidisciplinary luminaries 4.6 
HEALTH oral rehydration 3.1 ;para health "doordash" basic meds 3,2; scale vaccination3.3 ;tuberculosis & 3.4  Frugal processes eg wash sanitation, maternity3.5  ; James Grant School of public health 3.6
FOOD/land security 2.1  rice; 2.2 veggie  2.3    cash crops & village fair; 2.4  poultry;2.5  dairy, 2,6  14 nation leading supply chains financial opportunities to end poverty ;

Sunday, November 7, 2021



It is rumored that Mes Steve Jobs , at a millennial goals party in silicon valley asked Fazle Abed - why dont you share what girl empowerment bangladesh knows to sustain the rest of the world?. At that time BRAC girl empowerment partnership platforms were about 30 yerars old in Bangladesh vilages without access to electricity.

 But Abed's Japanese Silicon Valley partners had only just installed brac internet and likewise brac was less than 5 years old in investing in solar and village women - in other words as abed started his second quarter of a century of uniting world civill society networks around 1 billion asian girls hopes of ending poverty there was a lot of work to do. Abed's answer was to both 4.4 found a national university and 5.4 challenge 100 Asian universities to empower their graduates to share sustanability solutions not just around the 65% of under30s who are Asian but wherever mrs steve jobs kind of world wanted its 20 somethngs to be the sdg generation

Abed went further. By 2001 his organisation of 100000 plus village trainers had connected education with adult livelihoods and women down to age 6 (brac was the world's largest non-governmental partner in primary school operations and curricula sharing) but why not launch the world's first masters in playschools for 3 to 5 year olds - perhaps abed reasoned I can help a first 50 countries launch schools for every 3 to 5 year old in the most joyful way, and after I am gone thioe like mrs steve jobs silicon valley friends can keep on celebrating why not every SDG nation needs playschools. Breaking news ThankInvedsting 2021 - Biden USA invests 400 billion dollars in 3 to 5 year olds schooling - see linkedin or NextDoor  

my father norman macrae was in his 5th decade at the economist when i had the privilege to co-author 1984's 2025 report.com with him. It was our attempt to map how tech would need to be celebrated if the younger half of the world of the 21st century were to be the first sustainability generation

we modeled our hypothesis that a sea change in education would be required -by 2025 we hoped every youth would have their own shills dashboard - teachers, mentors, parent and even technology could recommend experienced each youth needed next as well as match her or his energies with livelihoods

the west's old societies have disappointed us; while technology has continued 100 tmes more decade every decade in line with my father's biographhy of von neumann, education has been neglected- nothing makes this gap more vivid than covid - we didnt have to wait nearly 40 years before schools everywhere asked what can digital modes do and how unequal the world is in linking youth's access to digital

however we have always believed that best for humainty futures are happeng somewhere if we look for them - we advise you to tour www.economistwomen.com since a billion poorwst women have done the most extraordinary networking in advancing sustainability goalslets start from age 3 in a review of which education revolutions to benchmark where

buden has paased a bill which may allocate 400 billion dollars so every american child 3, 4, 5 can go to school - whats interesting is 50 nations have started experimenting with playschools - a movement that went global when fazle abed chosen to priorise this research ahead of any in 2001 opening of brac's sdg university

friends in india have developed a method that almost guarantees litearcy after 30 hours work with a 5 year old, or indeed anyone from 5 up who finds illiteracy a challenge - when we say 30 hours- we mean 90 20 minute sessions onr ooach one learner; the good news is that children proof tseed the method several years ago during their summer vocation; most of the coashing was done by older children - it shouldnt surprise you that literacy for all was developed at inda's lrgest montesorri system - you can find it at www.globaldream.guru

the last 6 weeks of 2021- sees 4 tremendous updates - so please come back /or inded help us update this column-

we refer to just announced at thanksvingvarkeys lates million teacher - a black amercan lady in maryland

www.yidanprize.org december 6 introducing their yeas laureates - regons previously focused on include frica, bangladesh, latin america - this year the regional winner is pratham - early learning continues to be a core focus of yidan

this is followed by qatars bianual laureate

and a mass asembly of n agencies, world economic forum, celebration of learing week at  uae expo - www.rewired2021.com- we have been promised at last 2 digta briefs; sn update on learning pasports- this seeks to digtally translated different countries certification criterai with a particulr focus on preventing refugees to have to start again from scratch; satellite mapping of where schools ae matching maps of where disconnexted schools cluster

one of the goals of playschools is to bridge with kindergarten so there is far less variability when 6 years start school life- ths also gives us an opportunity-

for example 3 curricula that hve been patchy or missing

climate adaptation /and community engagemet for all ages

financial literacy - world class exists o this alfaton from age 6up

context so that preteens love themselves and are informed about health

other experietial learning studies from arts to coding where the earlier youth practce the more likely their skill will be special

both singapore, korea and probably china go a lot further - they requite teachersto be able toexplore artificial intel as a creative framwework for class discussion at each grade

revising all text books by green ans artificial intel

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