>3/18 24: Similarities between Electronic Computers and the Human Brain: Thank you Jensen Huang for best week of Learning since John Von Neumann shared with The Economist 1956 notes Computer & The Brain
HAPPY 2024: in this 74th year since The Economist started mediating futures of brainworking machines clued by the 3 maths greats NET (Neumann, Einstein, Turing) people seem to be chatting about 5 wholly different sorts of AI. 1BAD: The worst tech system designers don't deserve inclusion in human intel at all, and as Hoover's Condoleezza Rice . 2 reports their work is result of 10 compound techs of which Ai is but one. Those worst for world system designs may use media to lie or multiply hate or hack, and to perpetuate tribal wars and increase trade in arms. Sadly bad versions of tv media began in USA early 1960s when it turned out what had been the nation's first major export crop, tobacco, was a killer. Please note for a long time farmers did not know bac was bad: western HIStory is full of ignorances which lawyer-dominated societies then cover up once inconvenient system truths are seen. A second AI ecommerce type (now 25 years exponential development strong) ; this involves ever more powerful algorithms applied to a company's data platform that can be app'd to hollow out community making relatively few people richer and richer, or the reverse. You can test a nation's use of this ai by seeing if efinance has invested in the poorest or historically most disconnected - see eg bangladesh's bklash, one of the most populous digital cash systems . Digital money is far cheaper to distribute let alone to manually account for so power AI offers lots of lessons but whether its good or not depends in part on whether there are enough engineers in gov & public service to see ahead of what needs regulating. There are 2 very good ai's which have only scaled in recent years that certainly dont need regulating by non engineers and one curious ai which was presented to congress in 2018 but which was left to multiply at least 100 variants today the so-called chats or LLMs. Lets look at the 2 very good ai's first because frankly if your community is concerned about any extinction risks these AI may most likely save you, One I call science AI and frankly in the west one team is so far ahead that we should count ourselves lucky that its originator Hassabis has mixed wealth and societal growth. His deep mind merged with google to make wealth but open sourced the 200 million protein databank equivalent to a billion hours of doctorate time- so now's the time for biotech to save humanity if it ever does. Alongside this the second very good AI graviates around Fei-Fei Li) in developing 20 million imagenet database so that annual competitions training computers to see 20000 of the most everyday sights we humans view around the world including things and life-forms such as nature's plants and animals. Today, students no longer need to go back to 0.1 programming to ask computer about any of these objects; nor do robots or and autonomous vehicles - see fei-fei li's book worlds i see which is published in melinda gates Entrepreneurial Revolution of girl empowerment
EW::ED , VN Hypothesis: in 21st C brainworking worlds how people's times & data are spent is foundational to place's community health, energy and so natural capacity to grow/destroy wealth -thus species will depend on whether 1000 mother tongue language model mediates intelligence/maths so all communities cooperatively celebrate lifetimes and diversity's deep data ) . Check out "Moore exponential patterns" at year 73 of celebrating Game : Architect Intelligence (Ai) - players welcome .. some jargon

Saturday, December 31, 2022

happy 2023

where we are with 3 by 30 year surveys- 
starting 1950s will a million times more brainworking tech turn out well for each next generation (overall 30 divides younger and older beings)

our 1980s hopes for generating are here at The Economist and our handbook for mediators of 2025-1984 - further ref 76ER, 93V Neumann bio

our 2010s hopes have been delayed so we comment DR Li's worlds I see part 1 top 25 friends who made her life wonderful-
part 2 yet to come top 25 maths and others who helped evolutionary totality of StanfordHAI be as significant as toiality of Princeton to Neumann-Einstein-Turing; -
simplest AIgamesboard- see tic-tac as 9 win bingo- 
  • use diagonals and cnetre-4 corners for AI- WHY (Womens Humans Youth); 
  • use central pillar and both bottom top rows as FIG2.0 (pillar=gov2.0 of servant leadetship; bottom row foundations intel systems ; top row youth coop/cop any smart city
  • use 2 vericla sudes to progress einstein personaled livelihood ed and neumann 1001 llm language mediation with middle row tirings match of biggest investor mindets with intergen deep data increasingly authonomius as ai is in middle of real tiem datra between every gps
so once you've done move 1 of aigames listing who has advanced humanity most - chat whether you are missing any nominations to complete all 9 wins; we suggest humansai has 5 master wizards who qed'd their mnagic through worlds of 2020s as well as a lof of apprentices (four of the wizards being professors and hassabis being a games foundry so to speak!) they have inpsired - Li Hassabis Hinton Lecun Bengio- this is a western view of world; hopefully the wotld series of safety summits 23-24 eg london-korea-paris will help every henisphrere to trust being linkedin; this can be augmented by the mukti-year prep UN has asked under30s to do to make 23-24 assembly of global future vision forum

beware in association with bard.solar here's happy 2024 dialogue how-maths-coding-trapped-8-billion-minds.docx
- we may be making versions nearer xmas more polite - up to you if you want to open early

post covid, we'd like parents, tecahers and youth particularly to join in visioning see how peoples and man-made tech gamify intelligence snakes and ladders real time rather than write up one future 
- see 23-24 action unsummitfuture.com and aigames.solar - 
some reasons for delay include, 
  • by 2001 all globalisation systems were way off good paths we suggested for spending years 1984-2000 and so far away from einstein's hopes for education, Turing's expecatations of deep data intelligence agency matching worlds biggest investors; neumann hopes that 999 mother tongues could translate english into maths as deepest data's transparency of governenace that values integenerational renewability as a very different purpose in applying mother eraths resources from 90 day extraction
  • back xmas 2008 dad Norman was dying of cancer but he sent his last article xmas 2008 his reflections 
on what a blow subprime was  demanding youth bail out olders just when they needed greatest investement in death of distance life critical intel sharin=at his last birthday wish party held at london's royal auto club in st james he also encouraged everyone to take repeat looks at the bangladeshi wpomen empowerment miracle- what were the deep social business solutions not just the storytelling- this led me an student journalists to about 60 interview with yunus and abed- it was from abed we discovered that 17 years after unleashing personal computing in 1984 both steve jobs (on  different uni systems than 4 year certificates) and bill gates (foundations of health systems) sought women villagers advice on deep deep community building networks -irs on record none of jobs gates abed finished 4 year degrees- life being interruoted by more urgent innovation opportunities

The Bard CoPilot Dialogues -please note all errros solely chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk here to learn


1 Atheist moral relativism (value system of author 3 of 1984's 2025 report) 1
When did Fei-Fei Li and Demis Hassabis meet?
do you know if any content of yann lecun's recent youtube presentations are available as powerpoint bookmarks?
North America's natural resources in 1776
Can you give me a top 20 list of fast changing technoloigies that good ai works with- eg blockchain, quantum computing, internet of things, next "G" standrar of tech, robotics, augmenting human senses? What I am looking for is a list every teacher of pre-teens up should know about because if human ai goes well youth may yet be the first sustainable generation
What is meaning of generative in generative ai
I want to host a zoom with new yorkers interested in arts and architecture on how ai can help them - do you have any suggestions on AI cases in arts and architecture which might excite an audience who knows a lot about arts/architecture but some of whom may be beginners in ai
am i correct in thinking as of 2-23 there are about 8 times more asian qualified engineers under 35 than there are white engineers under 35
If guterres recommended that sdgoal 17 was changed to AIforsdgs or some term which made it clear that public private partnerships are unlikely to be systematically and deep data integrated without Ai, how might you summarise the overall framework of the 16 original sdgs and 17 AIforsdgs. Are there tools and actions ecosystems like llm or plugins that such a clarification by Guterres would lead to urgently advancing to ensuring that the UN makes optimal use of human aI as it faces half time in the sdg declaration to 2030 with currently every sdgoal collapsing not advancing (announcements on this goal by goal are expected at UNGA next month in NY)
biden paying billion dollars each to fee americans held in iran - but do you have any bios on who they are Siamak Namazi, Emad Shargi and Morad Tahbaz
Do you think that Gutrres got an answer to year of reprting solutions to education is no longer fit foir purpose. Perhaps because ai was so poorly understood up to 2022, he got no transformative answers. Can human ai compose their submission now to curing unfit for purpose?
when was the system of latitude and longitude born?
what can you tell me about the intellugence of teh late great ezra vogel
in 2023 would you say it is a common view that these are top 3 transformational ai technologies? AIs top 3 transformational technologies A recent Omdia survey revealed that global enterprises believe AI, machine learning and cognitive automation will have the biggest transformational impact in the next five years. In addition, the survey also revealed the top 3 areas of AI investment expected in the next 12 – 24 months are: New AI based technology Customer analytics Virtual agents / conversational interface
can you help me see what the 2 founder of discord do most good around- in particular are they connected with any designers of human ai or llm gateway to web3; from the vision of fei-fei's world (and forthcoming book) is ome of tehse founders more in tune with what fei-fei li has built since 2006?
Am i correct that Soros first became rich by betting against the pound in days that bureaucrats took a long time to change currency rates?
Is there a best way to subscribe to news on google's gemini
can you tyell me in non-expert terms what crispr is and whether you include jennifer doudna in say top 50 Human AI genii?
Has anything been written on why berners lee chose mit and not Stanford when he moved from Switzerland to launch the worldwide web
When the NSF started funding fei-fei image net in 2006, who was the person most interested in ai at the NSF?
waht do the english words decency and decimal have in common?