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Friday, December 31, 2021

wise 2021 final plenary - the vision of our 10th year laureate kopp

 until 5 yrearsago teach for tried to work within the system eresourecs of a place to help from the childs view points

five yera ago 60 teach for nations networks started asking whats purspoe of education

to decelo stidenst as leaders who can shape netter futiresd for tehmselves and all of us

whole new ap[roach - old pups[osde justb academic arrainment

new purpose mazimising next generations contributions

-which is first sustainable generation

once we have done this we ccoud understand we as educatirs have mots impratant creative impact o while world

second question collective community rising purpose where we have deisred effecst; looking across communitie tere isnt one foxesd set of interbentions; its not top down fpv alon that chnage sustems - its inside the communities dievesre peopel woirling together recognsinf theit colaborative agency; investing themsleves in isnpiring studnest induvidyal patways ; all the peopels in the community can play a role in this integrated chnage - there are covils coeiety enetrepreneurs - all the actors need to find teh same direction /puose of child development

we need to pout more energy into understaning teh colective ledership, intentioan deveopment of teh epope with in teh systems - tehoir colectuve avgency - cire purose of teach for all networks - how to enliset societies most theoughtful determined oeople; cilective eladership wgo have rsen out of marginalised peopels

ny 3rd elarning how imporatnt it is to fost globallearning across educators; anything we create toady will be seen as insuffivievceint ina dew taers time- not one fixed silutution but continuiag momemetum for communitya dpatation furling never ending cycle of improvement

this can and must be a gloal learning journey eremeebring hiw different each country must be- whikst at same time how sumilarthe needs arevto tackle the extreme lossed where children have no inclusion

this comon depth of crisis seemes scary but the we realised is thsi improvement at tehe xterems is a common opportunity

whilst always confirming local histiries, cultures

there is huge power to sharing what is working elsewhere nd asking if it could be here

in fact we have found that those in the ebst resourced societies have elarnt as much for  thise with teh ekast as cice versa 

connect opportunities of local lkeaders across vodrers

message to young journg - to those whyo grew out of teh education ssyetms - we are incredibly lucky to have found you - a chnace to make meaningdul imact in something so big; s you consider how to amke a life of emining please nclude in yur focus thsoe who have bene most marginalises

wend kopp draft speech to be replaced by full transcrips;

-  next seldon

with time revisiting national educationa cris sin logh of the pandemic

wendy kopd 3 points are brilaint

pandemic is going on and on'no gauarentee pandemic will create the conditios we and wendy ened

we need enlighetrned eladership like her excelelnies much more than passing eaxma learning hwith heart and soul and hand not jsytb the mind

we sodnt neeed rsie of mental illenss of young caused by overfocusing on exams

question to her excellencey - we have ssen tech advancement in lastd ecadev taht pandemic has accelearted - we need to prep both stu8dents and teachers pfr the future - until the pandemic our system did not integrate elearning completeely - we will relaunch this jan 2022 - how can gov enanle innovation envrionement - pillar 2 digital skills students educators admeinsitrators - personakised - 3rd pillar indfrastructure

-we need holistic dev of the chiuld

correlation mideset and achienvement

*note converse anxiety, manetl helth criso on child of pademic)

teacher msur be empower to be responsbile fpr this inyeraction academia and wekl being

seldonaction for hapinnes and second international body

- imprtant to tackle rise and rsie of emntal illeness - the more we look after te childs wellebing teh quicker tehor acadmic resilts'kinndedss to tehmseleles as well as other people ghavits oif agency

habist of lookig adter their selces

learn these habit while yoiung then you can develop the worlkd when adult

kindness- empathy to others - happiness and goodness correlate the (never find a nasty person who is happy - can be seen in the eyes of the person - the ai can see that)

our system fals when only interested in ecam resultls - children are so much more than that - this isnt a money question until we understrand the design the question 

schols place of love not fear of... education means to bring out - sad no edu minster understaood that

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