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Saturday, December 17, 2022

 40 years ago dad  norman (at the economist) and I published forst edition of 2025 report - its hypothesis edyech would be essential to sustainability of 21sr generations; this followed through 33 yeras since dad had met von neumann priceton and valued being told the biggest coop of economic jouranlisms

what gppds wil people unite with 100 times more etch per decade 

life critical knowhow when open appd's acrsos communities has always been the biggest above zero game that dad family and friends have researched through teh 20th c though conscious of a maximum population capaity of earth's natural resources we absolutedly value moving to green as a winw-in if places can do so peacefully and in a prioritry order in whcih thhose who have so far benefited least from carbon usage are goven a priority in terms of knowhow adpated to their kids development

where is your favorite space for sharing radical ways teachers and tech acn help be the solution of today';s intergenerationsl crisis/ ed3dao.com is one of my favorites- here'sd a sample of talks at their recent 3 day unconference - some of my absolute favorites are not up yet- come vback if you like tgis page








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