>3/18 24: Similarities between Electronic Computers and the Human Brain: Thank you Jensen Huang for best week of Learning since John Von Neumann shared with The Economist 1956 notes Computer & The Brain
HAPPY 2024: in this 74th year since The Economist started mediating futures of brainworking machines clued by the 3 maths greats NET (Neumann, Einstein, Turing) people seem to be chatting about 5 wholly different sorts of AI. 1BAD: The worst tech system designers don't deserve inclusion in human intel at all, and as Hoover's Condoleezza Rice . 2 reports their work is result of 10 compound techs of which Ai is but one. Those worst for world system designs may use media to lie or multiply hate or hack, and to perpetuate tribal wars and increase trade in arms. Sadly bad versions of tv media began in USA early 1960s when it turned out what had been the nation's first major export crop, tobacco, was a killer. Please note for a long time farmers did not know bac was bad: western HIStory is full of ignorances which lawyer-dominated societies then cover up once inconvenient system truths are seen. A second AI ecommerce type (now 25 years exponential development strong) ; this involves ever more powerful algorithms applied to a company's data platform that can be app'd to hollow out community making relatively few people richer and richer, or the reverse. You can test a nation's use of this ai by seeing if efinance has invested in the poorest or historically most disconnected - see eg bangladesh's bklash, one of the most populous digital cash systems . Digital money is far cheaper to distribute let alone to manually account for so power AI offers lots of lessons but whether its good or not depends in part on whether there are enough engineers in gov & public service to see ahead of what needs regulating. There are 2 very good ai's which have only scaled in recent years that certainly dont need regulating by non engineers and one curious ai which was presented to congress in 2018 but which was left to multiply at least 100 variants today the so-called chats or LLMs. Lets look at the 2 very good ai's first because frankly if your community is concerned about any extinction risks these AI may most likely save you, One I call science AI and frankly in the west one team is so far ahead that we should count ourselves lucky that its originator Hassabis has mixed wealth and societal growth. His deep mind merged with google to make wealth but open sourced the 200 million protein databank equivalent to a billion hours of doctorate time- so now's the time for biotech to save humanity if it ever does. Alongside this the second very good AI graviates around Fei-Fei Li) in developing 20 million imagenet database so that annual competitions training computers to see 20000 of the most everyday sights we humans view around the world including things and life-forms such as nature's plants and animals. Today, students no longer need to go back to 0.1 programming to ask computer about any of these objects; nor do robots or and autonomous vehicles - see fei-fei li's book worlds i see which is published in melinda gates Entrepreneurial Revolution of girl empowerment
EW::ED , VN Hypothesis: in 21st C brainworking worlds how people's times & data are spent is foundational to place's community health, energy and so natural capacity to grow/destroy wealth -thus species will depend on whether 1000 mother tongue language model mediates intelligence/maths so all communities cooperatively celebrate lifetimes and diversity's deep data ) . Check out "Moore exponential patterns" at year 73 of celebrating Game : Architect Intelligence (Ai) - players welcome .. some jargon

Friday, October 8, 2021

every country needs to analyse the continuity of its youth development system age 0 t starting work or apprenticeships - see this hkk program https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/closeup/20211008/4002837/ - no more drop outs

technology can be the solution - today every child could have their digital dashboard of skills already mastered - this is far more relevant tna paper certificates; digital models can be blockchained so that a student gets advice on what to practice next if they want to do particular types of work; this youth intelligence becomes ever more sustainable the less silos ot has

sadly english speaking education system s- the worst is usa - are designed eactly the opposite way round - 50 years ago maybe there was a sense to forcing total disruption to a chlds learning journey afet 5th grade about 11 and again at 8th grade at 14 - and of course families themselves move around but this is all the more reason why a childs dashboard needs personal ownership 

2020s technolgies make all of this chnage so simple; dont listen to politicians who blame other counytries as competitors; plolitocains who dondt serve the childs human development member of first d generation are the problem as are discrepancies in community safety caused by a hierarchy of politics which is about adminstering people not servinng them- if you dare find out how totally broken us education is start with eg jegfferesns children written 20 yeras ago which expalisn how america hates/feras 14-17 yeear olds instead of nurtut=ring them deeply just at the age when most need apprenticeships in community not dropoing out and not endless examination - if you really care about the futire of the younger half of americans I am always at chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - to help with custmised diagnosis of whom a particylar state or county is most droppoing ourt- if you come from anywhere that values its younger half as the first sdg generation help compile teh catalogue below- part of 40 yeras work since we first published 2025report.com with The Economist in 1984  

to start with through the 2020s wherever you encounter a big organsiation get ready to questuion it construbution to Envoronment, Society Goverment - whatever your relationship with the organsiation it is upn to you to minimise your relationshop with the organsiation if its esg does not feel right

why are these 10 curricula not common

financial literacy - this can be done from 2nd grade up (eg as soon as kids count); it is by those who co-create aflatounn curriculum which began in an indian orpanage

girls health from 10 ten up- ythe lancet has being arguing for this for years; the best way of doing this is micing ages 10 up and faciltating peer to peer

boys health 10 up is relevant too but not qute as urgent

nursing curricula - every teen should have at least one action learning apprenticeship - at the momemt many high schools only offer sports or theoeertical exams but most things from music to coding are mastered by practice- of course if health ws a peer to per curriculum those wh wanted to go into nursing or first aid could do so- in most of the world it is now realisee that instead of training a nuese to be expert in everything - most practices invlve specific training - any country without enough last mile health workers can first sort this ourt

there are curriculum which ae not offered because teachers need retraining first - it makes zero sense for any high school to have less than a third of teachers with time to question what is tech about to change- in the 2020s this quesrion is 10 times more important than ever before - unless enouh teachers can do this there willo be bo sustainability generation


fortunately smart approaces to adult refugees are now incorporatig learning passports - gdigital translation betwee curriculum co=ompetence in country of origin and new host country; in many cases it should take less than a year to convert any graduate

hifgly innovative subjects inclusing many on ending carbon are best offered with one world class free digital content web backed up by local mentors; it is rime to end thousands of professors teaching minor variants oif teh same subject often made to look distinctive with totally unecessary extra jargon


lets taka breank andask if ending povert means wherever the next girl is born she has a good chance at like - suely we can join in the worldwide movement demanding early childhood schooling everywhere; if you look at which counbtriesvre massively scaling earlycho=ilhood the goon news is expesive formats are seldom better thn low cst ones- the key criera is bond of love betwn teacher and kids

rhe great news drom adrica is thafed having issuedsecondarygrants for nearly a million kids oc=ver last 30 years now hasan acrive alumni club of 200000adults - a laefe number of whom are teachers;

it isincredible- you can go all through school a i sis witjout any practice in charinig meetings or co-crearive brainstorming- i recoomend scools seriously adopt www.opensacrword.com for at least a dew days a year

viriual educarion baeds go narurally with dashboards where the learnen can ttak back what she has already accomplished as well as not

every child shouldhave access ro love rgy sel reaining- tokyos current mayor says she only woke up at school when a lessonon zen empwwred her


transpatency note - in 1984 i co-authored 2-25 report- we argued tech could change education - for example once ever student had a smart phone students should be empowered to interview their teachers ar least as much as be taught parrot fashion - fdortnately one new zealand cluster of schools led the edge on this - while their impact on new zealnand may have been small except in their home community - their book became a best seller in china selling 10 million copies - chinese politicians took up the challenge ; if yiu read my fthers1977 economnist survey you will see how adaptible the chinese mase ther education system as sustanability's primry orentsl challenge bravo- chine 

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