HAPPY 2024: in this 74th year since The Economist started mediating futures of brainworking machines clued by the 3 maths greats NET (Neumann, Einstein, Turing) people seem to be chatting about 5 wholly different sorts of AI. 1BAD: The worst tech system designers don't deserve inclusion in human intel at all, and as Hoover's Condoleezza Rice . 2 reports their work is result of 10 compound techs of which Ai is but one. Those worst for world system designs may use media to lie or multiply hate or hack, and to perpetuate tribal wars and increase trade in arms. Sadly bad versions of tv media began in USA early 1960s when it turned out what had been the nation's first major export crop, tobacco, was a killer. Please note for a long time farmers did not know bac was bad: western HIStory is full of ignorances which lawyer-dominated societies then cover up once inconvenient system truths are seen. A second AI ecommerce type (now 25 years exponential development strong) ; this involves ever more powerful algorithms applied to a company's data platform that can be app'd to hollow out community making relatively few people richer and richer, or the reverse. You can test a nation's use of this ai by seeing if efinance has invested in the poorest or historically most disconnected - see eg bangladesh's bklash, one of the most populous digital cash systems . Digital money is far cheaper to distribute let alone to manually account for so power AI offers lots of lessons but whether its good or not depends in part on whether there are enough engineers in gov & public service to see ahead of what needs regulating. There are 2 very good ai's which have only scaled in recent years that certainly dont need regulating by non engineers and one curious ai which was presented to congress in 2018 but which was left to multiply at least 100 variants today the so-called chats or LLMs. Lets look at the 2 very good ai's first because frankly if your community is concerned about any extinction risks these AI may most likely save you, One I call science AI and frankly in the west one team is so far ahead that we should count ourselves lucky that its originator Hassabis has mixed wealth and societal growth. His deep mind merged with google to make wealth but open sourced the 200 million protein databank equivalent to a billion hours of doctorate time- so now's the time for biotech to save humanity if it ever does. Alongside this the second very good AI graviates around Fei-Fei Li) in developing 20 million imagenet database so that annual competitions training computers to see 20000 of the most everyday sights we humans view around the world including things and life-forms such as nature's plants and animals. Today, students no longer need to go back to 0.1 programming to ask computer about any of these objects; nor do robots or and autonomous vehicles - see fei-fei li's book worlds i see which is published in melinda gates Entrepreneurial Revolution of girl empowerment
ED , VN Hypothesis: in 21st C brainworking worlds how people's times & data are spent is foundational to place's community health, energy and so natural capacity to grow/destroy wealth -thus species will depend on whether 1000 mother tongue language model mediates intelligence/maths so all communities cooperatively celebrate lifetimes and diversity's deep data ) . Check out "Moore exponential patterns" at year 73 of celebrating Game : Architect Intelligence (Ai) - players welcome .. some jargon

Friday, November 24, 2023

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Hstory AI Science- Deep Mind open sources 200 million protein structures would have taken a billion years of PhD time 

 2023 is EconomistDiary 41st and 74th year of working the hypothesis that at least 15% of gov education budgets be AI supported by 2025 , and egov means transforming every dynamic of public service - good examples estonia, singapore :::E-Government Development Index (EGDI)

As premiered in 1982's why not Silicon Valley's everywhere, this does not mean computers running government; it does mean that peoples should want public servant budget holders to be as smart as brainworking can get - see eg Economist 1986 survey on education every parent of millennials needs to be ready to demand (Its the innovation revolution of humans designing brainworking engines that The Economist sent my dad in 1951 to spend year listening to to Neumann-Einstein(Turing) in Princeton and newish UN. (Dad also became Von Neumann family's biographer). My personal interpretation (here at chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk to learn if i err ) the wrong approach for the next 7 years (ie in my lifetime) is to personify Artificial- all man-made engine networks still run by their human originators. 

Which WorldRecordJobs co-creators have rehearsed this idea over the years eg a western world view of next generations renewability might gravitate around: NETK-AJGb-YLH-KGmGu. My family tracks back through 5 generations of Diaspora Scots - eg my maternal Grandad wrote up 1945 legalese of India's Independence after 20 years of dialogues with Gandhi. So we are interested to see views out of any hemisphere as well as what appears to be mother earth's geo-conflict (diverse distribution of critical minerals) ; in terms of world trade sustainability pacific ocean accounts for over 60% ; Atlantic little more than 20%; we keep 15% back for north south debates on people whose lives are exponentially conditioned most by both poles and canals near the equator since energy's futures seem to be geared round to peace at these locations however sparsely populated


From 1951 Neumann-Einstein-Turing and Economist Editors.

By 1962 JFKennedy, Japan Emperor Family, Infratsructure engineers eg bullet train and container shipping designers, borlaug, deming (tyhe teenage Prince Charles was aksed to think about this when he attended Tokyo Olympics 1964 , saw the first live global satellite braidcasting , acceoted sony's akio moorita as a business coach. St some stage the 3 royals Uk-Japan-Netherlands got this thouigh they can only indirectly influience public servants and corporates. Because of structures like the UK Royal Societies, some leading corporate leaders have consustently helped - eg in UK none more than Sainsbury Family - see Gatsby Neuroscience; Ashden and other support of green vooices including BBC nature (eg Attenborough, Rose) and Royals Geo Society: supports of arts being vibrant community building partnership with youth integral to joyful communiyu-grounded worlds as zeynes too had foreseen (see cambridge arts theatre - its change media apprentices inckuded david frost, monty pythons crew, and electrical engineer/oxbridge friend rowan atkinson (cf previius generation's us-english ytranslations of charlie chaplin and alastair cook) .

Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have mentioned that they did not get this in their 1984 version of going digital but did with 2.0 frok 2001 after taking advice from Fazle Abed (The Valley staged Abed's 665th birthday wish party) and in Bill Gates case partners of abeds last mile health intel including JYKim, Paul Farmer, A Guterres , L Brilliant, the Chen (Martha & Lincoln) family, Quadir Family. Many practising epidemiologists as well as all whom Unicef's James Grant influenced, and Soros ( he needed Abed's expertise to be replicated by partners in health ID (ID SAYS -footnote 1) admin systems  to help save dissidents health in soviet prisons)

At Abed's 8oth birthday wish party people like Melinda Gates, Jim Kim, Jack Ma took more active roles in supporting the coming 10 year leadership of servant leader Gutteres- take Melinda Gates example: from 2015 finding top supporters in valley if ai4all curriculum; 2017 chairing the first reports of what became Guterres Unb2.0 roadmapping, becoming biographer-publication house of the the women in the midst of Human Artificial Intelligence and deep local service partnerships around the world wherever community brainworking is best last chance against climate or other urgent challenges 8 billion humans need to unite intelligent solutions to

Footnote 1 - know ID says story of the late great soul Paul Farmer- even the most soulless top-down health administrators has been known to stop bossing helth servanbts and listens when Paul Farmer eneters a medical space and begun a chat INFECTIOUS DISEASE SAYS

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