With help from Von Neumann ED , EL is in year 73 of celebrating Game : Architect Intelligence (Ai) - players welcome .. some jargon

Friday, July 7, 2023

Welcome to AI Architect Intelligence Game - mission 1 celebrate first 52 players wanted for worldwide uniting of sdg goods; we suggest 3 intros to intelligence touring 2025-1945: 

 α chronological:   Neumann Einstein Turing Courant, JFK , Crowther (autobiographer of Economists' first 100 years and architect either side of world war 2.In,  july 2023 we asked Bard what President Kennedy thought of Economist purpose. In a speech to the American Newspaper Publishers Association in 1961. Kennedy said

"The Economist is one of the most respected journals in the world. It is read by men and women of affairs in every country. It is a journal of ideas, and it is a journal of facts. It is a journal that is not afraid to speak its mind, even when its views are unpopular." Kennedy's quote suggests that he respected The Economist and its ideas. He also saw The Economist as a valuable source of information for policymakers and business leaders 

γ back from future of 2020s Guterres ... Fei-Fei Li Demis Hassabis Lila Ibrahim 

β anywhere in between helping understand eg actions communities need for sustainability: eg steve jobs and his hosting 2001 silicon valley of 65th birthday wish party of fazle abed - at which both committed to total change of university and ed systems inspired by poverty allevaition intelligence of 1billion girls

ITU/UN2/AIgood- final frontier :HGWells civilisation is race between education and collapse:  Between 1843 and 1993 the purpose of The Economist was to support UK Royal family (first 20-something queen vicioria) change world impacts from empiring over people to commonwealth of ending hunger and poverty; during friends of The Economist's third half century journalists was pre-trained to ask Von Neumann's scoop - which intelligences will help humans unite technologies of brains and tele-communicating?. 


Neumann's  most intelligent co-workers - Net-Neumann Einstein Turing and after 1956 NYU's Courant and from 1962 probably Macarthy - knew too well that first 80 years of tele- media hubbed out of Switzerland's ITU from 1865! had crashed into 2 world wars; they believed prudence would make 2025 give or take a few years deadline - for stainability's exponenetials not or extinction's to be our childrens futures. 

AT EL,  we ask you to play game Architect Intelligence - which 52 players  intelligence cards would Neumann and th e NRET vote theitr legacy helping to celebrating time spent connectmg every teacher and child ; worldwide (linking every GPS) to good intelligence roadmapping. 

That doesnt mean most of us need to perform as Einsteins, but a teacher of teens who doesn;t know 10 deepest gifts Einstein gave the world probably needs a different job in a world where shared intelligence determines everyone's future possibilities

.Actually by 2030 we have chartered since 1984:  the likelihood of the days of a child's life depending on a few teachers will be over. Education will be more important but almost all teachers will be local skills mentors, Firtunately Steve Jobs hosted a party in 2001 to celebrate this education innovation with Asian world's number 1 colaboration designed of girls ending poverty. (S0 the intel on how to do this is now 23 years and leaping out of Valley spaces such as Stanford and deep brain hubs)

FROM 1984, a spinoff genre of The Economist called 2025 report added an extra valuetrue hypothesis. 10 years into this genere the first full biography of von neumann was published.

MILLENNIALS EDUCATION CAN ONLY BE FIT for Uniting 8 billion beings purpose when every person has their own digital skills dshboald and personal LLM trainer. Of course we welcome improved visons but since 1984 that's been our best guess of what uniting 8 billion beings futures around will need at a bare minimum of goog

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