With help from Von Neumann ED , EL is in year 73 of celebrating Game : Architect Intelligence (Ai) - players welcome .. some jargon

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Anyone interested in gamifying AIGood?

 resource chats from bard.solar mathsdao1.docx   booknet5.docx at linkedin unwomens

ED  maths ABEDmooc AIsdgs.com Attached 4 pages summarises 75 year of notes on related mapping Architect Intelligence. My father Norman Macrae was seconded to Princeton 1951 to be trained by Von Neumann to be The Economist's dual correspondent on Architects Intelligence together with his prior 28 years of experiencing Keynesian end poverty economics. 
with global futures forum millennials 23-24 Particularly interested in checking AI UN NY and NYU Courant Maths as deep mind partner super AIgood maps urgently changing any grade of teachers who want to help their grade rise with sdg global village futures. Plugins offer way to differentiate LLMs for good (see eg allen institute NLP catalogue covid & coming soon climate)  from other "mad avenue" chats of chaos. (I se courant is 3 miles away from hq instead of 3 blocks but 10 years work on worlds biggest brands in mad ave didn't help me see much good.! 

Happy Interdependence- & All the AI Best Summit chris macrae EL: NY-DC-Glasgow-HK  +1 240 316 8157

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